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Anti Freeze leaks


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Hi guys,

1994 SLS

It seems that almost every hose joint that uses a clamp has leaked at one time or another. I'm beginning to wonder if my surge tank pressure cap is defective causing the pressure to be above the specified 15 lbs. I replaced the radiator & the waterpump & heater core over the past couple of years. Also new hoses and thermostat. When the system is full and not leaking at a hose joint, it maintains temperature just fine. The only thing that I haven't replaced is the pressure cap. I guess that is next on the list. I have never had a cap fail to the high side before. I guess that is why I haven't replaced it before now.

Anybody have any thoughts on other causes of hose clamps backing off or other causes of this? I have never had a vehicle that seems to develop leaks at hose connections that this one has.

I originally wrote this in a reply to another post, I thought that would treat it as a new post.



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I believe that Guru posted a while back on hose clamps. For that matter, I can't think of what he has NOT posted on - which is a good deal for all of us... :P

He noted that the original spring-type clamps would hold better than a worm-gear clamp - due to the clamping forces being distributed better over time. The worm-gear torques up too quickly and depletes just as quickly - after the hose "relaxes" a bit after a few temp cycles. I'm sure he explained it better than my feeble discourse.

So, are the leaking connection using original clamps or something else?

Are these leaks at original hoses? (time to change out?)

I read quite a number of posts regarding the heater core hose bibs being brittle and cracked over time.

I don't think there were many other posts regarding hose leaks in general.

Not to insult you with what I'm certain you already know;

Is the coolant at 50/50?

Assuming sealant pellet were added at some point, maybe a few more would take care of any leaks?

The only coolant "problem" my 94' DCS has - is with me trying to determine how to use what appears to be a angled strip that I am assuming is is some sort of a level gage in the coolant reservoir tank. I have added the premix a couple times to the middle of the angled strip, but it usually ends up just below it about 1/2" (and no lower - whew...) :rolleyes: I have learned to sorta ignore it and figure it knows better and will yap if need be.

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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As I recall, my 94 SLS did not have any "spring ring" type clamps anywhere. There were some of the heater hose clamps that had plastic rivets to hold them in alignment so they wouldn't turn on the hose when you tightened them. I run 50/50 green antifreeze, as that is what the car was originally equipped with. I have replaced the heater core with one that has aluminum tanks and pipes for the hose connections. The radiatior and waterpump are new, as are the hoses.

It is probably time for the pellet treatment, but that shouldn't be an issue with heater and radiator hose connections.

I attribute the radiator hose connection leaks in part to the fact that the connections are made of plastic. (Another "advance" <_< in technology!)

As I said before, I have never had an engine of any description develop as many leaks in different places as this one has. I have maintained everything from an UGH! Vega, to 100 ton diesel electric locomotives, and this one tops them all. None of the leaks were serious, just annoying seeps. The garage floor would be dry for a month and then, a green puddle. Never at the same place twice in a row.

I will get a new pressure cap & try that.

I will let you know what luck I have with that.


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