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A post hit the wife's car eh!


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Hi there

My wife backed into a snow covered post and cracked the rear bumper cover on her 1998 STS.I have a fellow who can repair and paint it at a very reasonable price but he does not know how to remove and replace the rear bumper cover. Any chance any one of you might have instructions on how to do this?

Many thanks


PS In case you are wondering why this guy can fix it but not remove and replace it is because he usually only repairs smashed snowmobiles, boats etc.

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There are a couple of push-in plastic retainers under the bumper cover (b/c) at the rear.

Then remove rear wheelhouse extensions, some push-in retainers, to get at the bolt that goes up thru the b/c into the body at the wheel well.

Remove the sill plate from the trunk opening by unscrewing cargo net supports & poping it off. Remove the side coverings from inside the trunk to get at two bolts on ea. side that hold the b/c to the body.

Hope this helps...

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