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No Interior Lamps


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Recently I had the front power window regulator checked and was told I needed a new one. Well once I got the car home I had no interior lamps. No door lamps worked no map lamps or courtesy lamps, nothing.So I takes it back and the guy says they were probably getting ready to go out anyway so I says no way, everything was working when I brought it in and I expect it to be working when I take it home so they checked it out and says the problem was in the junction box. That was about 3 weeks ago . Now they all gone out again. Any one has asolution to this problem that they would like to discuss. Would appreciate the time because I'm about fed up with these people. Thankss


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Last summer, while driving, I noticed my radar detector wasn't working. I plugged it in the rear cig lighter and it still didn't work. Thought the radar det was toast. Then I tried my cig lighters and they didn't work. When I got home and opened the car door, my inside lights also didn't work. After finding all the fuses were good, I checked my codes.....I think it was a B1971 which is Inadvertent Power. There's a relay in the relay box under the hood on top of the drivers side tire area, called the inadvertent power relay. I took it out and cleaned the connections and put it back in. Everything has worked since. Could be the same thing with your car. Open that relay box and do some cleaning.


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