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Brake fluid warning


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Hi guys,

I have an intermittent warning on the DIC about brake fluid level. The fluid level is always fine. The warning usually disappears on the next ignition cycle.

At the last brake pad change, I used a turkey baster (don't tell the wife) ;) and removed all the old brake fluid from the reservoir and replaced it with fresh fluid.

Did I damage the sensor? Do they get dirty & need to be cleaned? The wife freaks out when this happens to her. The DIC displays the "Traction Disabled" message and the brake warning light illuminates in the cluster. I know that all that is controlled by the fluid level switch.

Just curious if anybody has any experience with this situation before I jump into it.



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Parroting what I have read here and other places; it seems the fluid level sensor fails from time to time.

Disconnect the wiring from the sensor and see if that fools the warning circuit. Failing that, I would jumper the pins in the chassis connector end to see if that fools the warning circuit. If one of those causes the warning to go away, you have a bad sensor switch.

I just cannot remember if the warning logic expects to see an open circuit or a closed circuit.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Just changing the brake fluid in the reservoir, won't do much unless you bleed the system. This is because the old brake fluid is still in the lines. If you change the fluid, it's recommended that you also bleed the system. The DIC message sounds like the fluid level sensor has gone bad.

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