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You are going to have to be specific. I just calculated the price for inner and outer cv joint, and axles to be over $1431.00 for just parts. All dealers charge different houly rates ranging from $65 to $95 per hour. Your best bet is to know exactly what you need and call a local dealership for estimates. You could shop around for parts online. Just do a search for "Wholesale Cadillac parts" and check around. I would get the hourly rate from the different local Caddy dealers in your area. Add them together and you got it. You might find a REPUTABLE local garage that works on Caddy's to be cheaper. Good Luck!

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How much money are we talking for a dealer to do the CV Axle and Ball Joints parts and labor? ;)

I had an experience in the last year where a local (to my work) shop had to replace the half shaft and CV joint. (" CV Axle Shaft Assembly"). The was insisted upon by me after they had damaged a CV boot. The job was done at no cost to me, but the paper work showed two hours of labor for the job ($160.00). The price of the half shaft was 134.99 for an after market unit. Since the original axle came off my STS with 70,000 miles, and with NOTHING wrong with it, I insisted they aquire a new one from the dealer, or face legal consequences. The price of an OEM half shaft was 875.00...Yep, that's what they paid. Verified by yours truly..

To make a long story shorter, had I allowed the local shop to do the job as they saw fit, the price for a "CV axle" with parts and labor would have been a little over 300 dollars.

The same CV axle replaced at the dealer with an OEM axle would have been at least 1100 dollars.

Fourtuneatly it cost me nothing, except my time and aggrevation.

We haven't even talked about ball joints...

'93 STS.. opened, dropped, wide...fast.

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