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Extra DIC functions?


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Hi everyone, this is my first post. Just recently I purchased a 98 Sevile SLS and have beeen learning about it ever since. I heard somewhere that there are extra DIC functions that can be enabled on my car. Is this true? In the event it is, what is the procedure? Thank you in advance.


ps The search function does not work for me and comes up with an error - has anyone else experienced this?

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I share the pain. Although many items are abbreviated to three characters, the search engine on caddyinfo.com will not recognize three characters as a proper keyword. It does make it very difficult to use it effectively.

If Management is listening.....can't the search engine be made more useful? We all know that using three (3) characters is a very common abbreviation in Cadillac world.

Try using single words like "instrument", "panel", etc. You will get a lot of useless threads brought up , but with some Patience you may find what you are looking for.


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.... I heard somewhere that there are extra DIC functions that can be enabled on my car.  Is this true? 

Based on reading here and other Cadillac boards over the past 3+ years, the only item on the DIC that can be programmed on '98 to '04 is the DRIVER NO. 1 and DRIVER NO. 2 text message. And that requires a Tech 2 (sp?) device.


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If you want to change the Driver 1 and Driver 2 Names give your dealer this:

1. Select driver information center (on Tech 2)

2. Select driver #1 or Driver #2

3. Select Driver #1 Name or Driver #2 Name

4. The Tech 2 tool displays directions for entering the Driver's Name. Read and press Enter.

5. The Tech 2 tool now displays 17 symbol numbers, with each number (32 through 255) corresponding to a symbol on the ASCII Character Table. Use the Left or Right arrows to scroll to the desired placeholder.

6. Use the Clear Entry special function button on the Tech 2 tool to clear current symbol number for that placeholder.

7. Use the numerical keypad to enter the new symbol number. Press Enter.

8. When all 17 symbol numbers are as customer desired, press the Save Name special functions button on the Tech 2 tool to store the new Dirver's Name in the Instrument Panel Cluster's memory

I showed this to the dealer he was so happy (I wasn't the first guy to ask for this) he agreed to do it for free!

I'm not sure about turning extra stuff on but you can get the dealer to turn things off. The previous owner of my 2002 STS had the tire pressure system deactivated this is how you do this:

Follow this path on your Tech 2:


Remote Function Actuation

Special Functions

Set Options

Tire Pressure Warning

Read the instructions on the next screen, then press Continue.

Scroll to highlight the Tire Pressure Warning Option.

Press the Enter key to put and asterisk * next to the option.

Press the Save Option soft key

If you do either I would place a note in the owners manual so that if you ever sell the car the next owner won't be confused by any of the changes. Some dealers are challenged by the Tech 2 tool and the capabilities of these cars.


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Thank you very much. I now see that you need the Tech2 in order to enable anything else...Im not sure of all the DIC functions available, but with time Ill probably find those out too. I will contact the dealer and inquire about any extra DIC functions compared to mine.

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Unless you are talking about "Feature Programming". Those are customizeable using the buttons on the dash. You can't do the "water temp readout in degrees" or anything like that on the '98+ models. Those choices were available with ODBI only (I think). But if you are talking about how your doors act, whether your horn blows or not when you hit the keyfob unlock button, or whether you have "curb view" enabled or not, NO SWEAT.

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