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AC compressor noise ?


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my ´95 Eldorado TC have a new AC compressor (for 2000 km)

and now when I stand with my Eldo an the engine run, the AC compressor

make a low squiaky noise today. I think it´s a new noise and I hear it from the inside my car. When I drive I can not hear these noise.

Is in normal ?

Are you drive in the winter with the AC in "auto" modus or in "off" modus ?

Now, I think it´s not the belt, it´s the AC compressor clutch or so...


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When you put the compressor in, did you add the oil? The right oil?

I suppose that it could be the clutch. Trouble is, when it goes it will fry your belt.

I always say that if the person that owns the car THINKS there is a nois. THERE IS A NOISE. Better to get to the bottom of it before it leaves you somewhere.


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