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I just bought a 98 Deville. There is power to the radio. The CD changer in the trunk cycles through looking for CD's and shows up as an option on the control panel.

There are a bunch of loose wires in the trunk which are obviously not factory stuff. My guess is that the former owner had an amplifier or other equipment which he removed when he sold the car. Obviously there is no sound from any of the speakers.

Also the radio antenna is extended all the time. The motor cycles when the radio is turned on or off but the antenna does not move. The owner manual says to "gently" push it down into the trunk but it doesn't feel like that will work. It is very rigid.

I would dearly love to get back to the original configuration (assuming that it was working before the former owner messed with it).


1. Where can I get a diagram of how this is supposed to be wired?

2. Is there an amplifier somewhere that he may have disconnected and which could be reconnected?

3. From reading these posts -- what is a head unit? (Sorry, I am a complete novice at sound systems.)

4. Any other advice about how I can get back to normal?

Thanks for your help.

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1: You can get a diagram in a service manual for the car -- they're great and worth every penny you spend on them. I have one for a '97 that I could scan for you (the wiring should be the same) if you can wait until Tuesday -- the scanner is at work.

2: There should be no amplifier in your car. I assume you do not have the Bose unit, and the standard radio had the amp built right into the head unit.

3: The head unit (what I refer to as the "head unit") is the piece of equipment that's actually in the dashboard, the driver for the whole system. Basically, the "radio" that you see and touch.

4: It sounds like the small plastic masts inside of the antenna are broken -- or the link is broken between them and the motor. The masts are in three sections I believe. I think GM sells a rebuild "kit", or you can opt for the entire motor/antenna assembly to be replaced. Personally, I'd go find one in a salvage yard and swap the whole assembly. I've never heard of one from a GM this new going out, although you find power antennas from the '80s "stuck up" all the time. :)

Good luck. Let us know if you need more information.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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