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How do you disable the ecm of the Seville


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I am getting ready to head out of town and have a 93 Cadi Seville loaned out. I have a remote disableing unit that I need to install but want to wire it inline to one of the control boxes on the back of the backseat. Can anyone give me any guidance on what box and what wire, that when the circuit is open, the car is inoperable? I don't want to wire it into the fuse box on the ECM or fuel pump fuse because that would just be too easily found.

Caddy_Grill.jpg2008 DTS
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Wire it like a kill switch.

But personally, don't let her borrow the car if you are worried about it. There is a reason for your worry. If Jennifer Lopez was using the car you would not be worried at all eh? Ask your insurance, it's a bad idea. MC

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