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Power Steering Out


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I have noticed for the last few years during the Winter that when I first start the car and turn my wheels all the way in either direction to get out a parallel parking spot, that the steering made a funny studdering noise, and the wheel shook, as if the power steering was going in and out. But it always went away after the car warmed up.

A couple days ago I was stuck trying to get out of a parking spot in some snow, so I was spinning the tires pretty good, and I believe I further damaged my power steering. At first it was totally out, but then it came back on and has worked until today. Now I notice when idleing the power steering is completely out, but when I accelarate, it kicks back in. It goes totally out in reverse. If I turn the wheel all the way to the left, I hear a grinding noise, but I hear nothing all the way to the right. So basically the steering is going in and out... and I should be in for a interesting ride home.

Does this sound like a bad pump? My serpintine belt is pretty old, it might even be the original, but last I looked(in the summer) it was in good condition, and the car only has 50k miles. Basically, can I do this job myself... Cause I am a poor college student. And I dont think there are any codes.

1992 Eldorado, 4.9L

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Have you checked the power steering fluid level?

Tire pressure?

The belt may be good shape as far as cracks go, but is it slipping?

Spray the belt and all of the pulleys with Westley's Bleche-Wite Tire Cleaner . Allow to sit a few minutes then flush with a garden hose sprayer. Let drip for 5 minutes or so and repeat. Let drip a few minutes and start car, see if steering has improved.


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