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Knocking noice on 93 Caddy's 4.9 L,Touring sedan


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Hello Folks,

I need some advise from you guys? My car 93 Deville Touring Sedan, recently I noticed some knocking or clunking noice coming out from engine.

It's got 153 K' mileage, what might be this kind of noice?

Do I have to take it t the dealership or? Can you please, advise me on this matter.

Thanks for everybody.

Azik. :o

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Sounds like you might be hearing "main bearing thump". Annoying but harmless. Do a search for it in the archives. lots of info about it. Pay attention to posts by Bbobynski (GM engineer).

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This is your second post on this subject, I responded to it in your first post here:


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