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Tire cables/chains...


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The BRD (Big Red Dog), may have to get it paws cold again on a 640 mile trip with most of it through snow unfortunately.

While I don't relish the thought of putting chains on, I hope a few board members might have some positive experiances with a particular type or brand.

The BRD is great is snow and all, in particular on ice/snow mix at speed. But if it gets to where the front end is plowing snow, I might just need 'em.

Hopefully they will just get stay packed next to the dried food, blankets and other survial gear (more no fun stuff).

Tires/wheels are stock 16 x 225/60 and about a week old (still got the nubbies).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions (other than take a jet...been there)

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I have used both , chains and cables , in fact i used my cables a week and a half ago . total time to install on the side of the road in a small parking lot was 4 to 5 minutes from the time i got out of truck till i got back in. Cables for radial tires are the only way to go, i got my cables from NAPA. you just lay them on ground drive up on then fold cable over top of tire reach around back and connect the back side together , easy, then pull frount tight connect it together, then put center bungy cord on. and you are finished. I generally will drive about two, miles and then check for tightness and readjust as necessary. I use to use chains , but once you use cables you will never go back, driving ability , is almost the same , i prefer cables . GOOD LUCK.

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