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ecm editing?


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hello, i have a 1991 cadillac seville that i have running 15.33 in the 1/4 mile. i have done many mods to her, and have a need for some more. i am also a member of cadillacforums.com and i have plenty of information that i have given to make the good old 4.9 liter run respectible.

as far as performance goes, i have done eveything outside of the engine, and now i must go inside the engine to complete the project for the long term, in which i am more than qualified to do so. the only thing that may elude me is some editing software for my year ecm. i know where to get the eprom erasers and other hardware, but cannot locate any of the software for the 91 caddy. i have been linked to this site once before, and recall that there has been discussion about this software and such to do this, but i cannot locate any of that through the search feature. perhaps someone can push me to the right place.

i have also been to the fiero sites, and there is a link for ecm editing software for the fieros and other gm cars, in which i have e-mailed the provider of that software, as there is a claim that other ecm software can be obtained through this person. it has been over a week, and i have yet to get a response.

if anyone here can give me a hand in figuring this thing out, please let me know.

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Hey there,

I found this site a while back...it has software for a windows based ALDL code reader and other interesting links that might lead you what you are looking for. Not sure if this applies to your car.


Or check this one out...perhaps not what you're looking for but maybe a step in the right direction.


Hope this helps.


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Let us know what you are able to come up with. Another possibility is to piggy back a Megasquirt system to the stock setup. Don't know if this is possible or not.

I sure would like to replace my 4.5 with a 4.9 but the biggest hurdle is the fuel injection system.

IPB Image
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as of now, tunercats might be able to help me out with this ecm stuff. i am still awaiting contact from them, but hopefuly it will be good news. hell, if they have software for a 1991 3.1 liter lumina (3.8 N/A buicks and others), i think they could easily get a cadillac setup done. i'll find out one way or another.

ed hall.........that megasquirt system does look aweful enticeing.......

also got word about some other ecm swaps, but thye may not work with the bcm with my car.


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