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Wipers, 1999 Deville


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Hi everyone, new member here. Has anyone had problems with getting the wipers to "start"? If I haven't used them for a while the only way to get then to start is to move the swith to high... then they will work fine. All other positions of the swith will do nothing until I move it to high... any ideas? Thanks.

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Welcome to the board Cadillac23 :) . Not sure what the cause of your wiper problems are exactly. Fortunately, it's not an overly complicated system. My guess is that the problem lies either in the wiper motor cover, the motor itself, and/or the switch or turn signal stalk(as with my 94sts) that you use to activate the wipers. Here's a link to a discussion I started about my wiper woes. You may find it helpful. http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?sho...c=4354&hl=wiper


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