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heater blower motor not working <45degrees


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ac and heater work perfect at above 45

ac system charged

but let it get cold and nothing

i checked the voltage going to the blower motor

3 wires: ground, red battery 12v , striped 4 when on high and 9 when on low

so the current is going to motor

is there another wire going to it with a thermostat?

module bad?

ANY thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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I had the same problem earlier this year on my 1994 SLS. I went through all the tests and decided that I needed a blower motor. However after learning how much one of the little buggers cost, I thought that I would take one more look. I pulled the 3 conductor connector from the blower motor and, looking closely, I could detect a little evidence of overheating. It wasen't very apparent, but the connector had definate signs of heat. I took some small ViceGrip pliers and gently squeezed the connector to tighten it up on the blower motor connections. And :lol: IT Worked!! No more problems.

I'm not saying that this is what is wrong with you car, but it is an easy thing to check. And it may save you some bucks. ;)

I would think that there is a good chance that something simple is causing the problem, since you stated that it works good when the temp is over 45 degrees.

The other thing is that the blower motor won't come on until there is some heat comming from the engine. This usually takes about a minute. Then when it does start, it starts out slow and ramps up RPM as the heater gets more heat from the engine. Try putting it in "econ" and select High fan. See if that helps.

Good Luck

Let us know what you find.

Happy New Year to Everyone. :D


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