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$49,000 to recover stuck Jeep

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This has to be one of the highest tow bills ever. Don't knowbif this is greed, stupidity or just robbery without a weapon.

The fact they are billing an insurance company makes me wonder if insurance company will pay or just let them claim jeep title with the lien and consider it totaled. At what point does the tow company let someone know the bill is over $1000, $5,000 or the past the value of the vehicle.


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2nd thought, for less than 35k I can buy 2 new loaded 4wd side by side ATV with winches and most likely pull any stuck jeep out. Or a 1/2 ton 4x4 truck with a winch. Or a used bull dozer and a cable.If the jeep drove in it can be pulled out. Not like it was wrecked and smashed between trees . or on its roof.

What could you do with $49k to extract a mud stuck jeep?

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