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96 Eldorado ETC -- left rear brake pads placment and positioing?

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Have an issue that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I was replacing the studs and when pulling the brake calliber, the pads fell out. So, I don't know how they go back on. One has a clip, while the other does not. What I need to know then is if the one with the clip goes on the inside or the outside. Help! :)

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You might want to post a pic of clip and where it is on the pad. (the one that is still on) I don't think there are any clips that stay on the pads. I am wondering if you have the clips on the top and bottom stuck to one of your pads.

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Whatever you do do NOT push the piston on the caliper back in. There is a $5.00 tool that connects to a rachet, and it has pins that fit nto the piston top. The piston gets spun back in, and not jt pushed in with a C clamp. The tool is a 'cube'

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