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05 DeVille - Bearing Noise?

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I hear a thumping sound from the front end upon slight right turn @ 10 - 40 mph.

Thumping sound disappears when going straight or turning left. Unrelated to braking. Related to wheel rotation.

Rotated tires - no difference.

Noted that driver's side front wheel bearing is a little sloppy.

Wondering if thumping noise can be attributed to a sloppy bearing.

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Check your axel half's - especially your left side. Look for grease sling on the frame, or a tear in the boot. Other thing of the strut rod bushings. See if you can easily kick your tire back or forward when if is suspended. but yes, if your wheel bearing has play, it can be noisy especially if the noise is happening on just rotation.

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Your HUB BEARING is bad buddy. I had the same problem on my 05 Deville. I heard a humming noise when turning right, at that point the weight of your car transfer to the left. On a safe street, do a series of S turns by going left, then right as a NASCAR driver to warm tires. If you hear the noise when veering right, its the left hub.

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