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I found a cure for my current P0102 code.


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I noticed the check engine light on the other day in my wifes 2004 Deville. So I did the right thing and checked the codes the other day while I had it out. There were a few history codes that I knew what they were but there was a current P0102 code. After a few days I finally remembered to get back on here and find out what the code was. It was low voltage to the maf sensor. I knew where that sensor was so I popped the hood and in no time flat I found the problem, it was unplugged. By the position of the plug I know that it did not just fall off, it had been unplugged and set up out of the way. I could not for the life of me figure out how the plug got where it was. I am the one who only works on it but I was at a loss. Then it hit me, about a month back I had to change the headlight bulb and in trying to get to the back of the headlight I took the air box out, then after the airbox was out of the way I discovered that I still could not get to the headlight bulb. So I put everything back together and had to look at the owners manual to see how to get to the PITA headlight bulb. So when I put it back together I must have overlooked the maf sensor plug. Stupid, stupid, stupid. My wife had been driving it all this time with the CEL on and never got around to telling me something was wrong. Today I fixed it though, I plugged it back in. Easiest fix in a long time.

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