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My sister who is a manger at a Enterprise Rent a Car brought home a basic model 2004 Grand Prix. Comfy seats even though they werent leather.

How much faster is the GT and GTP because this car had some B@lls under the hood?

Never drove one before, and I enjoyed it alot.

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SE.. not sure if the new body style got a 3100 series motor or not

FYI - For the '04+ Grand Prix generation, there is no longer a "base" SE model, just a GT and a GTP. The naturally aspirated 3.8L V6 engine in the GT produces 200 hp/230 lb.-ft., and the supercharged V6 in the GTP produces 260 hp/280 lb.-ft. (These performance figures are from the GM Powertrain '05 product information website.)

Sometime in '05 a GXP model will be added to the model range, with a 5.3L V8 engine. Earlier this year I drove one of these vehicles. Although it was a pretty "rough" early build example, I was definitely impressed with the engine's performance! :)

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