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88 Coupe DeVille


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I have an '88 Sedan Deville and I have had it for 4 yrs or so... I paid $3,600

I would drive the vehicle and feel for the actual power and respone of the car. Mine has driven beautifully for over 4 years and yes it has been in for maintenance. Just some basic stuff and repair from when it was stolen.

When I bought mine it had 109k it now has 140k and still rides like a dream.

Get a mechanic to do a diagnostic test.



P.S. I have an '01 STS which is in the garage and the Deville sits in the drive way now.

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I used to have an 87 Sedan Deville, bought it with 189k for $400 drove it until it had 208k then sold it for $800 ;)

It was overall a great car, VERY smooth ride. Had to replace the water pump twice, engine mounts,and lots of hoses over the 2 years i owned it...but I guess thats what you run into on older cars.

Hope this helps!

What do they want for it?

Crystal Red Tintcoat Exterior | Shale/Brownstone Interior | 32k

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