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2003 STS Suspension


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I have just aquired a 2003 STS and have a issue with the following:- I get 2 different messages from the DIC 1) Service Stability System, 2) Service Suspension System In addition to this I have the following codes current B1611 (Mirror Position Sensor Circuit), P0442 (Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System Small Leak Detected, C0584 Suspension Solenoid Circuit

In addition to this the car has a vibration through the steering wheel at around 65-80 mph. I've had whees balanced and rotated to no avail..

I'm looking for advice on all of the above mentioned items. Thank you

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....C0584 Suspension Solenoid Circuit

That code definition contains much more information....

C0584 - Right Front Solenoid Circuit Open

If that is the only "C" code you can display, the suspension message issue might be as simple as an electrical connector not properly seated or wiring damage at the RF strut area,

Do you have any service history records for the vehicle? Any GM service advisor can tell you the history of any/all service work that was performed at any GM dealership.


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For the tire issue, do a search on this forum for "Road Force balance". That will give you the information that you need to resolve that problem.

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