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$999obo! 94 Deville Concours, beautiful car!

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$999 or make an offer for my 1994 Cadillac Deville Concours!!!

4.6L 270HP Northstar, 178k miles, previously owned by a 76 year old man, "Army Retired" and "Sgt. Major" stickers still on the car.


is beautiful grey leather (looks tan in the pictures), interior is near perfect.


is dark burgundy and has no flaws except a dented front driver's side fender. Fender can be straightened, or replaced for $25 with a good salvage yard or Ebay piece.


is in great shape with all new brake pads. Tires are decent but will probably need to be replaced soon due to minor cracking from the Florida sun. Front driver's side tie rod end, strut, and CV axle need replacement due to a fender bender. No other damage. Has been checked out by a Cadillac technician. Tie rod end is $8, strut is $21, and CV axle is $60, all from Auto Zone with lifetime warranties. I can purchase and install these parts for actual cost plus $50 for labor.


When I bought the car from the elderly gentleman, it had been sitting for a year after he was in a minor wreck and lost his driver's license due to poor vision. The battery was dead when I went to buy it, so he tried to jump start it to let me hear it run, and it wouldn't turn over. I assume we killed the starter from low voltage because I found a notice from GM about damaging starters when trying to start the vehicle with less than 9 volts. You can hear the starter click but the engine doesn't turn over. Has a minor oil leak. Leaves a small puddle after a couple weeks of sitting.

Reason for selling:

I recently bought two more cars and don't have room for all of them, so the Caddy has to go. I'll take $999 or make me an offer. The car is worth more than that in parts, or you can spend a few bucks on the parts to fix the suspension and starter and have a $4500 car for <$1500 total. I just REALLY need to get rid of it because I have 5 cars in my yard now and my landlord is visiting soon. I'm more into sports cars than Cadillacs.

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