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Read ODB-II codes and monitor the engine with a GPS

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I just bought a Garmin GPS unit, and discovered that they have an ODB-II connector that can be purchased separately. It connects to the ODB-II port of the vehicle, and sends data on various operating parameters wirelessly to the GPS. It also claims to be able to reset codes, in addition to just displaying them. I can already handle codes from the dashboard in my '97 DeVille, but those of you who have newer cars, where that option is not available, may have good use for this. I am considering buying one just for the fun of getting engine load etc on my gps display. Has anyone used this? If so, I would appreciate reading about how well it works. I have not found detailed information on exactly what parameters can be shown.


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I also have a Garmin. 1490T I think. The "T" is due to the FM traffic receiver in the cord that is accurate maybe 10% of the time. Anyway, I have thought of buying the OBD-II transceiver as well. I think that it's about $100. I did not know that it would read codes though. I was just gonna get it for the eco features to be more accurate then it guessing based on speed.

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I would love to try one of these units out, since my 2008 will no longer display codes on the dash. However, I'm not getting along too well with Garmin these days. In fact, I just spent 1.5 hours on the phone with them trying to get my eTrex Vista connected to Windows 7 laptop and they couldn't come up with a solution! They told me it was my problem now and good luck!

After uninstalling all of their software and driver updates, I went to the Windows update website and it was right there! I hate to be critical of them since they really do have some great products, but I have had more difficulty with unlock codes and simply signing on to their support website, than any other single product I own.

The thing I did appreciate though is that all of the support people were here in the US, and they did REALLY TRY to help, they just wern't given the right answer from their technical staff.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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