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98 seville sts stalling

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I have a 98 seville sts with 90,000.It recently started to stall when stopped or near stopping.the idle just drops so low that it stalls out.the car starts right back up with no problems which leads me away from fuel pump.It will stall in park or drive,and there is no check engine light.When cold the car idles fine right at a 1000,then when gets warmed up the idle will drop down and stall.This doesnt happen all the time some days more than others.It will also stall with foot on or off the break. Anyone got some good advice to pinpoint the problem?

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IAC Idle Air Control

I found a good post


I had the same problem but not as often and after I cleaned off all the black residue it was fine. I have a 1997 STS. Also check the throttle body.

Thanks woody.I tried to click on the link you posted and it said invalid link.Do you have anymore info on how to perform this?Or would it best best to have a mechanic do it.I appreciate your help!

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I'd start with a good TB cleaning. You probably won't even need to pull or clean the IAC valve. If that doesn't help. then pull it and clean the pintle valve and seat. It's mounted on the side of the TB.


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