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Cruise control button removal

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On my 2003 Deville base model the cruise control button on the steering wheel has a small led bulb that has come loose. It is pretty annoying as it rattles around every time I turn the steering wheel. How do I remove the cc button from the wheel? I'm looking for a shop manual but haven't found one yet. THX

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You have to remove the air bag first. Pull the SIR fuse under the rear seat. Then you'll have to remove the upper and lower column shroud behind the wheel. The bottom one will fall off, but the top one has a hidden male torx screw on the inside to the right of the column that has to com off to remove the top one. Then you can access the air bad mounting screws. Once it is off, the FSM says to lift off the switches. Apparently they are held in place by the air bag.

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