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2003 Deville DTS, engine code 9.

I need some guidence from somebody that has dealth with this problem before. Yesterday my Caddy started running terrible, hardly made it home. I ran the codes and its popping up cylider missfire on all the even cylinders (#2, #4, #6, #8). This is the front bank of the engine. It runs fine until it warms up then starts missing on those cylinders. I have no evidence of head gasket damage, no steam out exhaust, no oil in water, ect. I think its an ignition problem but not sure where to start.

Does this car have a seperate ignition control module for the front/rear bank of engine?

If anybody had dealt with this issue before please share any factual information you might have. I'm quite handy with cars and might tackle it myself.

Looking forward to some wisdom from some here that have been down this road.


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I just had a P0300 misfire and was hesitant on spending the cash for the ignition control module, but I did it and sure enough that was the problem. The ignition module is a known weak link in these NS's so much so that another user Logan carries a spare pack in his trunk! Hope this helps.


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Hey folks,

I have an 02 DTS, i developed a misfire on #6 a few days back, only code was 0300, miss at idle and under load (climbing a grade on freeway and leaving stop light). I first investigated and found the wiring harness at the evap solenoid to have a broken wire, fixed that and the "check gas cap" warning went away. Pulled all 8 injectors, all fine. Pulled #6 plug, looked horrible, replaced all 8 plugs and boots, not fixed, no improvement. Checked CMP speed, it was still showing idle speed with key on engine off, replaced cam sensor, MAJOR IMPROVEMENT, miss only at idle and at acceleration thru 1st gear, pretty much gone everywhere else, ESPECIALLY under load!! PLEASE GIVE ME SOME DIRECTION!! I am so confused. Oh yeah, the CMP speed is still not showing 0 when I shut the engine off and leave the key on.... At this point my Dodge pickup would be welcomed back!!

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