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battery no charge again


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received a 'BATTERY NO CHARGE" 1 MONTH AGO, i replaced the alternator with a rebuilt unit from my local cadillac dealer. i wanted a new one but this was all could get. after about 6 hrs i finally got the new alternator in. problem went away.

now after about 1 month and 2k miles i am receiving "battery no charge" .so far it has happened twice and only when i first start the car. it goes away after 10 seconds and doesn't come back until the next day when i start it cold. could this be another bad alternator or some other problem? stored codes pc0603,ip1552,ip1911,pz1558,tc0073. any help would be appreciated


todd 96 elodrado etc 113k miles

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Hi there, right before I stored my caddy for the winter, I got the same message. I replaced it with an AC delco and, about 2 months later, the message appeared again! We're in the same boat here. I was just going to ignore it until it came time to take it out of storage.., but if anyone knows the solution, I would love to hear about it. I didn't check for codes, however, I started it up and drove it for a little bit about 2 weeks ago and the message is still on the IPC. Thank you



93 Cad Seville 100K

95 Chev Blazer 143K [garaged summers] :)

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If an new alternator fixed the problem the first time, then most likely the new alternernator has gone bad. There is not much to a charging system, the only thing I can suggest to you is to make sure the ground wire to the alternator and the battery is firmly attached. Also double check the body ground. Most cars have it near the starter or the battery.

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