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I'm starting to get worryied

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Well, the ol 94 is starting to act funny...it had the codes effecting map sensor,can'tremember the code #'s but each time I fire it up in the cold it seems to go chug,cgug,chug, and then clears...I'm starting to get scared,I know codes must be acknowledged but I also noticed that it is (was) leakingout of the surge tank as Carla's was too..I'm gonna have to look a little deeper in the well I guess...I stil love this car. For crap sakes it still runs awesome but once in awhile when I fire it up in the am it just doesn't sound good..

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Thanks Ranger,but this am when I fired it up it was smoothand perfect...go figure also no leaks???I took er out for some wot exercise and it run beautiful,still no leaks,I'm puzzled. The code that comes up once in awhile is P071 (history) which is intermittent map signal,my local ac delco dealer wants $174 for anew one but I extracted one from a very well known donor just in case. I did buy a length of 3/4" heater hose and I intend to do some hose house cleaning...

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