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Eldo problems!

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Well I am new to this forum. I figured since I now have two caddys, both with problems I might be able to help others and find help myself.

So recently I picked up a 95 ESC from someone that knew nothing about cars. All I was told is that it didn't move.

He wanted nothing for the car, I just had to drive 300km there and 300km back to trailer it home.

So I get it home, throw a battery in it and try to drive it off the trailer and the transmission didn't engage in reverse or drive until 3000 rpm, but it did move.

Being the start with the cheapest option first type of guy that I am, I went and picked up a bottle of Lucas transmission fix.

It did something right. The transmission now engages smooth after it is put in drive or reverse, but now the transmission slams into gear and I get some weird but not very loud metal on metal sound when I go faster than 30 km/hr. When I first got the car the codes that were read were an I052 History, P035 History, P037 Current, P052 History, P065 History and a P109 History. The P065(Cruise servo position signal) was cured by reattaching the cruise cable and all other codes were cured by putting a new battery in the car. So I cleared the codes, put the Lucas oil in the transmission and drove around the block a couple times to notice the slamming into gear and the weird metal sounding noise. I get back and park the car, do another scan and notice that all previous codes are gone but now I have the dreaded P056(Input speed sensor) code. I picked up the car with thoughts that it would need a transmission and I have a 94 STS with a blown headgasket and broken cam but a good transmission. If there is anything that can be done other than pulling 2 transmissions and installing one, I would be very happy.

Any and all help on what this problem could be would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for the reply, but it fixed the slipping.

Maybe someone else has had a P056 problem with similar symptoms and was able to remedy it without a teardown and install.

I just thought maybe it isn't a coincidence that I got the ISS code the same time as it started slamming into gear.

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