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Coolant leak and squeal 1994 seville


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Hello, Thanks for this great site. I had a map sensor go bad a few months ago and learned much about my Seville in here since then. Right now the only current code is S038.

I need some help. In 2008, about 25K miles ago, I had a shop replace the radiator, water pump, 2 belts and idler pulley at 172k miles on car (new engine and transmission now have about 75K miles). I bought this car in 2002.

About a month ago check coolant message came on, so I added about a half gallon of 50/50 to top off to neck. I have been noticing some coolant (maybe a foot in diamater) under car at random times before and after this. A few days ago got check level again, I added about a half gallon of straight antifreeze and drove it home about 20 miles and it didn't get over 212.

The next day I added 1/2 gallon of water and that made it full to the neck. While I looking for a leak while it was running the serpentine belt was squealing which it had been for a couple months off and on, so I did my normal fix a little belt dressing and it didn't help much this time. Then the water pump belt on the other side of the engine started squealing too, even louder spraying that one with belt dressing didnt do much for long either. So I shut it off. Searched forums for help.

Yesterday I started it and had no noise to my suprise. Drove it about 20 miles to get belts and it smelled like coolant and or rubber by the time I got there. Drove it home never got over 212 and had no noises. It sat for a few hours no leaks under the car. I moved it into garage to change belts a few hours later and got the drive belt changed. Then I started trying to change the water pump belt and dropped the ratchet, looked under the car and noticed it was dripping almost a stream of coolant from near the back of the engine just slightly to the drivers side (the coolant temp couldn't have been over 50 degrees). When I went under to get a better look the hood support struts gave out and smashed my light...better than my head for sure :fighting0025: . So I just left the old water pump belt on there for now. Started it back up no noise. Pulled it back into driveway.

Today there is another puddle in about the location without starting it.

Saw a post with the suggestion of adding Bars Gold powder or GM supplement pellets and change the radiator cap would be a cheap $10 investment to see if issue would be resolved. This may be too large of a leak though.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you Mike

ps I was a machinist, mechanic not so much. So some where above novice.

pss sorry so long first post and wanted to be though.

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First off you are overfilling the tank. NEVER fill it to the neck. It needs a head space for expansion or it will puke the excess overboard as it expands. Fill it half full.

Judging from the location of the leak as you explained it, it sounds like it might be one of the heater core pipes that run along the rear head. They tend to rust out. Be advised that the are a PITA to change.

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