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Question about timesert kit


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i have A 98 eldo etc. im looking for as timesert kit, i found a kit for the 2000+ N* . From my understanding it has two thread depths 35mm upper and 51mm lower. The 98 has a 35mm thread depth all around. Would i be able to use the tools for the 35mm thread depth on my block?

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according to the instructions of the kit for the shallow holes(same depth as 98) the stop collar has to be used and you will need to line up the correct grooves on the tap and driver.


The big sert kit j42385-500bs is desined the same way as the 2000 kit and it states it can be used for pre-2000 and the 2000 block


A reman is out of the question, i've purchased all the parts i need to complete the repair, the kit is the only thing holding me up. A brand new norms or timesert kit is something that i cannot afford, the kit im refering to is used. If i can purchase this kit for less and achieve the same outcome that is the route im going to take.

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