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93 Eldorado 4T80E Transaxel Problem???


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Can somebody help me decipher the codes that appear on my message board?!








Service Engine Soon light is on when looking at the codes! (if it is relevant) But Not when I’m driving!!

When the thing happened, a few days ago, the transmission shifted back and forth a few times…then started shifting with noise….Service engine soon appeared…and I stopped the car ( I had to change engine oil…level was low, and 10 Oil life index appeared)! Next day I drove it to a “mechanic” and it was shifting again back and forth….( Service engine soon was on and off a few times?!) then I lost all gears but one! The next day the guy is calling me and said $3400 for new trans, $2400 for 70,000 miles one?!?!?!?!! Of course I got my car back ( he changed engine oil )…It was not shifting gears at all, at that time (Service engine soon was OFF and still is)…When I started the car and put it to D(rive) ….nothing, but when I put it to 1st it drives… but without shifting! It drives on 3000 RPM with 40 MPH !

I’ll wait for your advice…….thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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You should clear your history codes as they appear only to be from a battery reset and its odd that there are not any drive train codes appearing. As for your transmission issue, I have a 93 4.6l STS and went through something similar. My transmission was slipping and would not engage third or fourth gear. The codes P029 & P039 were listed and it seemed to point towards the shift soleniods in the transmission which the dealer replaced. However, I started experiencing the slippage again and required a complete transmission which was negotiated down in price due to the error in the initial diagnosis. This corrected all issues and the car has been driving fine since. Check out the old board archives as the are lots of tranny posts there. Good luck,

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same thing happened to me about 6 months ago. see if the shift solinoids are still good. replace just in case, 60.00 bucks at dealer if you do them yourself. if that doesnt fix it. dont replace trans. get it rebuilt. its cheaper and alot of places give at least a 1-2 year warranty on there work. i got mine rebuilt with new mounts it cost 2200

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