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1993 STS replacing crankshaft sensor ??


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i'm new to the site(great). I own a 93 sts and was wondering if anyone knows how to change the crankshalf sensor. its behind manifold on 4.6 northstar, right beside where the oil filter is. can anyone help ??

thanks russ

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I inadvertently pulled it thinking it was the VSS and had a heck of a time getting it back in. I remember pulling the oil filter and switch above it (oil sending unit ???), then contriving a double-jointed extension and socket, and feeding my arms up from the back and front of the of the engine cradle, while on my back. It was a real pain.

But the real probelm was getting it back in, my hands were too big to fold and turn it, to start the threading. I had to recruit my wife to do it for me, and was she irritated (oil dripping and cramped). She fiinally got it, I was very lucky I got it back in.

The only easier way would be too disassemblr the engine mounts and somwhow jack the engine up enough to gain access, but that will take time too.

Get under the car and survey it first. I did it at night, so I might have missed another route, but I can guarentee it won't be pretty.

The VSS was a cinch!!!

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I replaced the "O" rings on my crank sensors. I found it easier to remove the motor mount bracket.

Remove the cooling fans. (easy)

Support the engine(jack or blocks under the oil pan).

Remove the bracket that extends from the motor mount to the engine.

(Easier if you remove the studs from the block)on the lower end.

Now the sensors are fairly accessible.


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well i tried to do that on the weekend and there is no room to remove the mount because of manifold right above it about 1inch of space. i had lots of trouble putting bolts back in as motor dropped alittle when i took them out. i'm thinking of taking it to local garage.

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