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Official KeyFob Programming Instructions


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Thanks to Logan and all others who helped me get this far!

Programming done on a 1992 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coup

(but should work on many models)

1. Pull back carpeting around lower truck release. Find the wiring harness that goes to the release. There will be one loose wire. It is black with a white stripe and a black plastic connecter on the end. Once you find it get a spare piece of wire handy (stripped at both ends) and the two keyfobs handy.

2. Put key in ignition and turn in to ON or "ACC" position

3. Using the spare piece of wire find a grounding point and ground AND hold the black striped wire.

4. You will hear the locks cycle if you have grounded correctly.

5. Press the unlock button on your first remote once and wait for the locks to cycle again.

6. Press the unlock button on the second remote once and wait for the locks to cycle again.

7. Now unground the wire.

8. Both remotes are now programmed!!!!


-only two remotes per car

-if you only have one remote, follow step 5 twice and skip step 6

-you only have about 30 seconds to complete the programming, so have everything ready first!

Again thank you logan for your info! This was way too easy to let Cadillac do for $65.00!!!

Hope this is useful! :)

Crystal Red Tintcoat Exterior | Shale/Brownstone Interior | 32k

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good info davedog! similar procedure for '91?

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