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Rear Suspension Problem


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I noticed that my right rear quarter panel is about 1-1&1/2 inches higher than the rear left.Checked the codes in the CCR control module and got code 26-Right Rear Actuator error and code 31 lift/dive signal error.The 31 code seems to be an intermittent, according to the flow chart in the manual.The chart for the 26 code leads to "replace strut".If the strut is bad,why would the car sit higher on that side?Also,can I replace only the rear struts with passive replacements or do all 4 have to be replaced?This is a92 Seville with only 48,000 miles.Ihave seen directions for changing rear struts on a 93 STS,would the procedure be the same for my 92 SLS?Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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