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Electronic Front Shocks leaking

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At 52000 miles the front shocks on my 2007 EXT leaked all the oil out and I had to replace. Read the service bulletin on this issue and it seems the solenoid internal to the shock gets destroyed if the shock is over extended.

Driving in New Jersey, you are bound to go over a bump or two that will have the suspension extended to the max.

I thought for certain this would be a recall.

Has anyone else had this failure?

Rear shocks are fine at 87,000.

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Sorry to hear that you had to replace them at only 52K. My friend is a Mechanic and he told me they are very expensive. I have 72K on mine and all is well. I have not babied my '05 Escalade, have gone off road on occasion, driven down some pitiful roads, and thankfully they are still working just fine with no leaks.

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