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97 seville STS -loud noise/bad fan behind center panel?


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In my 1997 Seville STS, I have a hugely loud rattling noise coming from behind the center control panel (radio/climate control).

When I start the car, the main blower will start up quietly, then about 30 sec. later the noise kicks in directly behind the control panel.

Is this a bad fan or auxiliary blower as I suspect?

Also, how do I remove the panel to change it out?

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The main blower is on the firewall, yes. This one also has an aux-blower assembly going under the center console, to send air to the rear seats. The noise is coming from under the A/C control panel surface, just in front of the shifter.

Sometimes it waits longer to start, but once it goes off the noise tends to stay on.

(The Haynes manual I have unfortunately doesn't have any illustrations of the assembly.)

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