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A strange noise from the corner


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the car is a 93 seville, and it has a wierd noise coming from the front upper left corner of the dash, almost sounds like it is coming from right next to where the A-pillar/dash/windshield meet.

The sound is very similar to what happens when an aftermarket stereo (stereo is stock in my car) is installed, but not isolated properly (high pitch hum that fluctuates with RPM). Here's where it starts to get wierd, it occurs above 1200 RPM, and goes away around 47~50 MPH, it does progress with the RPM, and is consistently there regardless of vehicle or ambient temperatures. I am convinced it is electrical, however I have no clue what to start looking for...any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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I have the same sort of noise coming from my car, except mine sounds like two things rubbing when I go over bump. Not to sure

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Does it vary with engine speed or vehicle speed? If engine speed, I'd suspect alternator or something in the charging system. If vehicle speed, I'd suspect a poorly shielded or grounded wheel speed sensor or related circuitry.

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