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Driver Side A Pillar Cover Removal


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I own a 1998 Seville STS. My Problem is that everytime it rains water leaks from the drivers side A pillar.

Does anyone know the procedure for removing the driver side A piller cover.

I removed the visors, but it seems like I have to remove the handles over each of the doors. I cannot pry up the plastic covers on each side of the door handle.

Do the handles above each door need to be removed?

Is there a special tool needed to remove the plastic covers on each side of the door handle?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Ok, don't mess with the interior then. Open your moonroof(factory?) and look for a drain hole near the right front corner. If you can, blow that out with compressed air or jam a pipe cleaner down there to see if you can find a blockage. I would reccomend doing this to your other side as well just in case.

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If you're going to shoot compressed air through that line then be very careful. You might unseat a section of the drain hose where you can't see it and have a real mess on your hands. I've read some of the horror stories. Appears the best method for unclogging a drain hose is to push Weed trimmer (thick fishing line) line through. The individual that came up with this idea must have "plumber" in the blood.


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