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FOR SALE: 1996 White Diamond STS

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I have a 1996 Seville STS in White Diamond for sale. I moved the a snowy area, and have only driven it on the highway for trips to go back home to visit my family. It is canopy kept and babied, like all Cadis should be. I only put HWY miles on this car as I own a small pickup that I use as my daily driver. This truck is also for sale and can be seen in the pics. ;)

It is FULLY LOADED with all the goodies including 12 disc changer, premium wheels, heated seats, power roof, power everything now that I think of it, perfect leather, and I dont think anyone has ever been in the back seat. It really is in very, very good condition. The Kelly BB on it for PRIVATE PARTY is over $9,800. It was 10,600 but I think I went over the 85k mark and it screwed me. Oh well... I am asking $9600 obo. Just want to put a good down payment on a 4X4 pickup.

I have had ZERO problems with it, it runs amazing, and you all know how FAST this car is. Truly one of the great modern muscle cars. I have owned it for 2 years and have only replaced turn signal bulbs, and had BRAND NEW COOPER tires put on just last year. They have 98% tread on them I would imagine... this car is a real head-turner, and I have babied it. I kept all records of every oil change, and ALWAYS went to my local Cadi dealer for ALL lube services other than the odd oil change before an emergency trip when I couldn't get into the Cadi dealer.

I am not a car dealer, just a Cadi lover who would like to see this car go to someone who could really appreciate it. The title is clean and I can offer the VIN number when someone responds.

I have set up a website with TONS of very hi-rez pictures of the car from every angle, you could get the VIN from the photo now that I think of it...

The STS website address is: http://www.brendancasey.tv/sts/sts.html

feel free to email me at BRENDAN@BRENDANCASEY.TV for any more info. I am located in Plattsburgh, NY 12901. I am 2 hours from ALBANY and one hour from Montreal, Quebec.

Thanks for looking. I hope to sell it before the snow files!!

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Thanks. Every time I drive the car, I don't know why I am selling it. But then I never get a chance to drive it. And i have been driving my truck in order to keep the miles low on the Cadi. She is a real beaut. I looked again, and I don't know why I said 9/10.

she's really more like 9.5/10

thanks for looking.

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Looks like a very clean car Brendan. I like the Diamond White and Pearl Red (the color of my SLS) better than any other colors out there.

Are you the second owner? When you bought it did you get any of the cars history or records? Other than the optional paint what are the other options beyond the base STS? Was the multi-disc cd a factory option? I think that it was. I think that I have a 96 Cadillac brochure around - I should just look myself.

What kind of mpg have you gotten with your STS? One of the things that I like about my SLS is that it will average around 18-20mpg in the city (mixed driving) and consistently gets 27-30 mpg on the hwy.

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