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Does A/C tend to run a bit warmish on 97 SLS's?


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Per larry G. "My money is on an air mix door not closing off the heat completly."

This is beginning to sounds like something my Caddy might also have a problem with (A/C equipment is cold but only cold inside when at 60f setpoint).

Are the air mix doors at an "accessible area" and understandable without a shop manual ?

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With engine running and AC on 60 degrees, the accumulator/dryer is very cold to the touch. Also, the large diameter tube going into and out of the accumulator is very cold. The large diameter tube (low pressure I believe) going from the accumulator to the evaporator is very cold, as is the outlet to the evaporator, but only for a few inches (this is a small diameter tube). 6 or so inches from the evaporator on the small diameter line there is a fitting (or coupling), and after this point the line is no longer cold---warms up quite a bit.

Fan and vents seem to be operating fine, but I can't tell if heat from heater core is completely closed off when in cooling mode. I do observe that when compressor is engaged, colder air comes out of the vents, but compressor doesn't stay on long enough to cool the cabin.

The evaporator inlet (smaller diameter line near the coupling you mentioned) contains an expansion device (orifice tube). The high pressure line leading up to this point should be very warm to the touch - around 130 F on a hot day while idling. The evaporator inlet should be about the same temperature as the outlet. Feel various parts of the high side lines and condenser (all the way back to the compressor) to assess temperature variation and integrity (kinks, collapsed areas); it's possible there's a partial restriction somewhere in the replacement condenser, though not likely since it sounds like the evaporator is 'flooded'.

How extensive was the accident damage?

What is the compressor's cycling frequency? Note how many seconds on/off, as well as the ambient conditions, while the system is set to Auto 60 F. Normally, the ACP will cycle in the compressor in response to low side refrigerant temperature (sensed at the evaporator inlet), but a restriction could be tripping the high pressure cut-off switch.

Does the A/C perform any differently after a cold start? The heater core won't be effective for the first minute or so after sitting overnight.


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