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TCC problems

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I have a 2000 SLS,4.6 Northstar. On a recent trip, I hauled two snowmobiles home about 60 miles. On the way back the tcc kept going in and out. I thought it was because of the haul. When I dropped the machines off, there is now a pronounced heavy miss,jerk,lurch etc. If you hold down on the brake (which disconnects the clutch) all is fine, but no clutch engage of course. P-1860 shows on the cpu read. I had the car checked at the local garage and they claim it's the clutch selenoid. I surely hate to drop the transmission only to find another problem outside. I have the tcc disconnected, but the milage is down about 8 to 10%. I'll live with it rather than a 1200 dollar fix. Any suggestions. I have checked all of the obvious things, fuses ect. The clutch does try to work as noted on the tach, but won't stay engaged. Thanks for any insight. Bob

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