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New hood ornament?


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So "She who must be obeyed" and I are comming back from a Rod Stewart concert late last nite (about 1:15 am). The Big Red Dog is eating vacant desert road at 40-seconds a mile and maybe a few quicker... depends the "limiter" alongside. <_<

We were a few minutes past where my friend and neighbor rolled their Chevy S-10 last week (she fell asleep while driving him back from a quadruple bypass) :o They're OK - since they were belted in, only less one vehicle. PS, very few persons ever nodd off when I'm the pilot (me included). :P

Anyway we are still talking about their accident when a coyote walks out in my lane and stops to take a look at my head lights! :o

I utter the infamous "hang on". She shoves the two weiner dogs on the floor and closes her eyes (I'm a little concerned about any potential "pucker" in her car seat).

The BRD scrubs about 60-mph of velocity in a few car lengths - just like the day it was "nutted up". Straight line, no shudder, squeeling or other complaints. Just a thump from the displaced air hitting the hind end (catching up too quickly?) Or maybe that was a weiner dog getting under the dash a bit too much? :rolleyes:

The 'yote decides I'm not going to swerve or ditch it (where he and family can dine casually later on under a lovely quarter moon, un-interrupted). He moves over a foot or two with a PO'ed look, and perhaps less a few tail hairs. :angry:

Dang, that's how brakes are supposed to work I guess. I generally avoid using 'em for no good reason (this one qualified). A fine testement to an 11-year ol grampa's car (it just works...) :)

Now, about that "seat pucker" on her side? :blink:

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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