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97 SLS: Possible A/C Actuator Door issue


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A/C won't get cold enough. Have replaced air blower and compressor; freon pressure good. When I put my hand on the A/C low pressure line (under hood) it feels very cold, but marginally warm air flows out of the vents, even when temp control is set at 60 degrees.

Is it likely I've got actuator door problems? I suspect this since the A/C hardware seems to be working fine. Does it sound likely that hot air from the heater core is mixing with the cold A/C air?

If my suspicions about the air doors are correct, does anyone have any suggestions for adjusting and testing the doors?


Low mileage 97 SLS owner

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First check all the vacuum lines on the manifold behind the glove box. Then while still in a contorted position have some one run the temp up to 90 and back down again while you observe the actuator to see if it is operating.

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