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Suspension Decision

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;) Have ordered and received Gabriel passive struts and Monroe "Max-Air" shocks from Boston Suspension who have also supplied resistors that are supposed to eliminate the "Service Suspension" message arising from not using OEM electronic struts and shocks. The parts look good and in fact both Gabriel and Monroe show them for use on 1998 STSs'.

The proof is in the pudding however and so I won't know until later this week if the ride is to my wife's liking and whether the resistors work as described above.

From my vantage point everything is rolling in our favour at this point as the ride on this car has been terrible since we got it (used) so anything has to be better and at about $2700.00Cdn less than OEM parts she will have to learn to live with a good old fashioned and what I hope is a reliable suspension system.

For your info.


PS Dennis at Boston Suspension is very customer responsive and one of the reasons I went with him versus the chap at Arnott who both ignored my emails and telephone messages.

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Are you installing these yourself? Let us know how it goes. I think I will have to tackle this job in the near future. I am not getting a service ride message, but the ride isn't 100%. I assume you are putting these on the '98.



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