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STS 2001 water leak (not radiator!!)

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Not sure where to put this query, doesn't seem to be an area for older model sts's.

Anyway, if someone can shed some light on this I'd be grateful. After arriving home today I noticed a large amount of cold, clear water literally pouring out of the car just in front of the front left tyre. I hadn't been using the A/C and even if I had I would have expected a few drops here and there, maybe a small puddle of condensation. This was a much larger volumn than I'd ever seen coming out of a car before, and like I said it was cold and clear so can't have been radiator.

So I took off the plastic guard just in front of the front left tyre and noticed a black (water tank?) sitting up under there.

I don't know what this tank does, why it appeared to have overflowed/leaked. Is it something I need to worry about?

Any ideas?

Thanks very much, Jason.

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This is kind of a longshot, but perhaps it's the windshield washer fluid tank, and there was water in it instead of washer fluid. The washer fluid tank has a hose connected near the bottom of it, and it will leak if it gets loose or disconnected. It's worth checking anyway.


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I have the same thing on my 02 STS, I accidently dropped a halogen bulb down there while changing the aircleaner element and headlights,so I can't fully remember but I think it's part of your air intake.I don't think it's something to be ignored...check it out. It's not that easy to get out unless you pry back the plastic and start wrastlin'.

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