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Hey guys! I'm new to the forums.

I just recently bought a 2003 Cadillac DeVille DTS. I'm looking to find someone who makes/offers a custom headlight assembly with the proper projector lens in them for an HID conversion. I had this done of my 2002 Lincoln Town Car for about $750 for both headlights, but the company is no longer around. Anyone know anywhere to look or anyone who fabricates these types of things? Let me know! =)

Best regards!

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I bought it at ebay.. HID conversion kit. If your car has for example HB4 Halogen bulbs you can buy a HB4 kit including everything that's needed and HID bulbs that fit to HB4. If your original headlight has a lens (not a reflector!!) you can simply exchange the bulbs and connect the control modules. Took me about $100 and 1 hour work... after that a new headlight adjustment at a service station. Works great!

You can choose the color of the HID bulb.. the less "K" the brighter the light, I think 6000k is the best compromise (cars with oem hid often have 4300-6000k)

This is a picture and the website from where I got it:



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That's the same type of kit I ordered off ebay, for about $68 with shipping. 6000K was perfect, not being too obnoxious to oncoming drivers. Just had to drill 2 holes (one per side) in the radiator support frame (plenty of space behind the headlights). This was the only mod required - only 30 minutes worth of work. Updates the look and feel of a '95 Seville.

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If you want better lights rather than just better-looking lights, go for the T84 export lights. I promise you'll love the beam pattern of European code lights.4995376609_efbcc792e1_b.jpg


I finally got them on my car last week and they're great. Once I get my heavy-duty headlamp harness in, I can run high-watt bulbs and not suffer a meltdown. Who needs HIDs?

They have a sharp cutoff on the low beams so you can run higher output bulbs without blinding other drivers, and a better high-beam pattern, too.

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I've now been driving for several weeks with the "illegal" E-code lights, now with the upgraded wiring harness and high-wattage bulbs. If anyone has ever wished that their 92-97 Seville or 92-02 Eldorado had better headlights, upgrade to the E-codes. Despite the fact that I'm running 90w low beams, I never get flashed by oncoming traffic as their eyes are above the cutoff line. My high beams are 100w each, and you can see like nobody's business on a dark 2-lane road. There are several places around here that I have to drive on 55mph speed limit unlit 2-lane roads. I no longer feel like I'm outrunning my headlights to drive on those deer filled roads.

For most GM cars, the T-84 export lights are very hard to find and rare, but these are much easier because of one thing: they're shared with the C5 Corvette. Corvette drivers are very likely to spend a lot on aftermarket parts, and they're often apt to upgrade the same item more than once. I bought my headlights used including a heavy duty harness with relays and a couple of sets of bulbs. They are Guide-branded housings with some pieces being labeled as USA made, but the reflector at the back is a Swedish Bosch reflector that appears identical to the ones on 200mm standard rectangular headlights.

For what you're doing, they're not terribly easy to install. The only way to do it is to grab your 10mm 12pt wrench and plan on doing each of the 6 bolts a 1/12 turn at a time. It's not easy, but not impossible, and took about 30min per side. If the actual housings have not been installed before, take time to run the self-threading bolts into the holes as I'm sure it couldn't be done with them in place. You'll need an E-6 socket (like a Torx, but reversed with the socket being female) to aim the lights, which is available at auto parts stores.

At the minimum, you'll need a little pigtail adapter for each side that will plug where your 9005/9006 bulbs did and go to the H4 that the new housings use. Preferably, you'll use an HD harness that only uses the car's circuit to trigger a relay that in turn runs the lights direct from the battery or main electrical buss. Even running stock wattage bulbs, I could see the difference with the HD harness.

My car went from a good (low beam)/ mediocre (high beam) headlight setup to easily the best headlights I've ever seen for a total of $230. While not technically US legal anywhere (would be with stock wattage bulbs in several states and in all of Canada), I'm not blinding other drivers because of the Euro beam pattern. Best of all, I can see like those guys with twin spotlights on their Jeep brushguard when I hit the high beams. When I needed highs before, I used to hold the switch where both low and high were on (really a big no-no), but I don't even need to do that anymore.

If you're looking for the HID look, this doesn't do it. HID conversions are likely to cause bad glare, which this setup doesn't. If you're just looking to be able to see well on dark roads, the T-84 lights are a huge improvement.

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