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I am looking to buy a cadillac seville 94. This will be my first caddie, so i wonder what to look for, and what to be careful about when i make my decision. Is 110K a lot for a seville? I understand that a lot depend on how the owner before have maintained the car. I just want to know the basic things that i should watch out for, and that might cause a problem in the near future.

I hope anyone can give me some good suggestions. What i understand from all the other questions that have been asked and responded, there are some real experts out there, and i am very thankful that they want to share the information with rookies like me!

Thank you!


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Are you narrowing your search to 1994 models only, or are you asking this question because there's a particular '94 model you're looking at? Yes, how the car will perform and run for you now depends heavily on how the previous owner(s) maintained it. The cooling system should have been drained and refilled a few times since it was new to maintain proper corrosion protection. I would ask if the owner has receipts of such work. If he just says, "uh, I dunno", it's probably never been done and MAY be a problem for you. Not likely, but it's possible. Other than the coolant issue, there aren't any "common problems" or anything like that to look at. Test the suspension to see if it's firm and make sure the struts are still good. You'd hate to have to get new struts or shocks for it right away.

If you don't end up buying this '94, I would widen your search to include up to 1997 models, if you like the styling of the 92-97 generation cars. Beginning in 1996, the interior got a refreshening, and DEX-COOL was installed at the factory, which pretty much eliminated the coolant drain and refill every 2 years. DEX-COOL is good for 5 years or 150,000 miles. Even if it's never been drained, it's probably still okay and you can be sure to do that if you purchase one.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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