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1999 STS rear ride hight !?


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I am a new STS owner from Sweden,bought the car about one month ago.

After that I noticed that the rear was a little low so I checked the ELC and

it was not working.

Returned the car to the dealer and they fixed it.Now the rear is higher (about 1 inch) than the front but I would like to get the same level at both.

If I have got it right there is some kind of height sensors somewere by the back wheels that you can adjust.Is there anybody that has done that on a -98 or

newer ? I could use some guidelines!


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Ok,I will give it a try (not easy in English for me).

The hight sensors are located inside the back wheels.They are just in the front and can be seen without removing the wheels.They are connected in the chassi and the "arm that goes to the wheel" by a "rod".

This "rod"then connects to a arm on the hight level sensor.When this arm is horizontal,the car is in it's standard setting.

If you then load the car,the chassi will go down and the arm will be forced up.The ELC will start and inflate the chocks until the arm is horizontal again.The rod is fastened with two 10mm nuts.

Now,if you shorten the rod the standard level will be lower and when lengthened, it will be higher.

Here is where I got in some trouble.The rod looks like it can be adjusted but after sitting under the car for 4 years I was worried it would brake somehow if I tried to hard,so instead I bent it a little so it got about 1/2 inch shorter (it's about 5 inches).

Put the rod back in place and start the car.It should now settle in the lower setting.

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